We started a business to achieve the following by utilizing “power to cross boundaries” such as inter-company collaboration and industry-academia collaboration.

・Linking the direction of cutting-edge research and development with actual social issues.

・Specifically, promote social implementation of the above results.

・Through the above, it will help to realize a better society and a better future.

Our partner, Ryota Suzuki, has been involved in private equity and alternative investment for a long time, and has been helped by many people and has been given a widely reliable network.

Currently, as an advisor to Kenji Tanaka’s laboratory in the Department of Technology Management Strategy, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, which I have been acquainted with for many years, I am working on side support for multiple industry-academia collaboration projects and social implementation of the research results. We are here.

Networks that transcend organizational frameworks are effective in linking such research results to social implementation.

On the other hand, the people involved in the founding of our company think that a concrete “place” that plays a role in promoting that activity and a “person” as a flag waving person are indispensable.

Albacross Co., Ltd. will become a “place” where such “people” gather, and will practically promote efforts for social implementation of advanced technology.